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Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Thu Feb 17 10:23:46 CST 2005

> I'm certainly not authorized to tell you what to do,
> but what benefit would Avalon bring us?
> It's not even really released, i.e. its
> applicability
> should be very limited.

Well, to be there when it is released, and soon it
won't be limited, just like DirectX 9 isn't limited.

> OTOH almost perfect support for DX9 games would be
> more useful IMHO, since lack of gaming support is
> the #1 reason
> for many people for not being able to switch to
> Linux...
Avalon depends heavily on DirectX 9, I'm not out to do
Transgaming out of work so I'd prefer to focus on what
isn't currently supported by Cedega/Crossover office,
this would be things like Directx 9 applications, and
games that aren't FPS's or RTS's.

If Half Life 2 happens to work so be it, but I'm even
less a fan of DRM/steam then I am of duplicating
Transgamings work.

If you would like me to work on something just ask. (I
have to get a Job soon though, so my output will drop
quite a bit!)

> Thanks for the incredible work so far!
> Andreas Mohr

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