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Michael Jung mjung at
Sat Feb 19 03:54:01 CST 2005

Hi Tom,

On Saturday 19 February 2005 03:56, you wrote:
> can you take a couple minutes and look over our dll staus page and let
> me know of any changes that your aware of?

* As a rough guess, I would say that rsaenh.dll is 70% complete by now. 

* I think we should get rid of the rsabase.dll entry on the status_dll site 
(and probably also in wine cvs): rsaenh.dll is a complete replacement and 
rsabase isn't shipped anymore by Microsoft since Win2k (Applications don't 
load rsabase/rsaenh directly, but via advapi32, which looks it up in the 

* I've just seen on the status page that I'm considered the 'recent primary 
worker' for secur32.dll, which I didn't write a line of code for. Did you 
mean this as some kind of subversive message? ;) 

Not on the dll status page, but related:

* There is still an open 'RSA Crypto API' reference on the fun projects site. 
This should either be removed or be painted green (in which case rsabase has 
to be renamed rsaenh and the reference to openssl should be removed). It 
would be a pitty, if people would start implementing rsabase, since as I said 
I think it's dead code anyway.

* Just because there are changes to be made anyway: On the acknowledgements 
site I'm listed to have contributed to 'advapi/crypt.c'. My focus was clearly 
on 'rsaenh.dll' though.

Michael Jung
mjung at

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