Poor performance when using Texas Instruments code generation tools in Wine

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Tue Feb 22 07:07:47 CST 2005

>> We have done some profiling using oprofile, and found that most of this 
>> time (96%) is spent in the HEAP_FindFreeBlock* *function in the ntdll 
>> module. The time needed to locate a free heap block increases gradually, 
>> from a few iterations up to about 15000 in the project we are building. 
>> We suspect that this may be due to fragmentation caused by the heap 
>> allocate/free algorithms.
>  Maybe this can also explain the slowdown of long-running apps under wine ?
>For example, DC++ runs perfectly when started, but after 12 hours of operation
>the window updates, search and other program functions are so incredibly slow,
>that it's better to kill it and restart.
>                                   With regards, Pavel Troller

I don't know if that is specific to wine. The same happens to my edonkey on
WinXP. Uses more and more memory and also handles until a restart is the
better alternative.

bye  Fabi

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