Poor performance when using Texas Instruments code generation tools in Wine

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Wed Feb 23 00:32:39 CST 2005

Anders wrote:
> We have been using TI code generation tools (compiler and linker) on 
> Wine, and it has worked well. However, when we started evaluating newer 
> versions of the codegen tools, the linking time was dramatically 
> increased (from 20 sec to 30 minutes...).
> We have done some profiling using oprofile, and found that most of this 
> time (96%) is spent in the HEAP_FindFreeBlock* *function in the ntdll 
> module. The time needed to locate a free heap block increases gradually, 
> from a few iterations up to about 15000 in the project we are building. 

Wow, that's worth looking into!

Can you write a small C program that has the same behavior?
That would help us reproduce the problem and then solve it.


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