Wrong keycodes ?

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Wed Feb 23 04:25:45 CST 2005

"George Ginden" <ginden at email.com> wrote:

> Hi do you guys know anything about that already ?
> It looks like some keys are not mapped correctly:
> grep -r VK_*  * | grep include/winuser.h
> include/winuser.h:#define VK_LEFT             0x25
> include/winuser.h:#define VK_UP               0x26
> include/winuser.h:#define VK_RIGHT            0x27
> include/winuser.h:#define VK_DOWN             0x28
> These keys are the directional arrows, not the numpad keys...

What exactly does look wrong for you? It all works as expected
here. Add +key,+event in addition to +keyboard and post the results
with explanations what really goes wrong.


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