Compiling wine dlls for windows

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Thu Feb 24 13:41:56 CST 2005


--- Michael Jung <mjung at> wrote:
> I would like to test a wine dll I'm working on on windows. Could you please 
> tell me how the wine dlls are build for windows ? (Or beat me to the the 
> place where it is documented.)

Ivan has a script he uses and there are a few patches I keep in my tree. You can build on Windows
using Msys and Mingw. Or if you want to cross-compile from linux I can send you my compiler.

Get msys and from and the compiler versions that work best are
the ones listed here

Older binutils have a forward exports bug that can cause problems.

You will also need a copy of flex and bison for windows. You can get them from here


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