Compiling wine dlls for windows

Hans Leidekker hans at
Thu Feb 24 14:19:15 CST 2005

On Thursday 24 February 2005 17:53, Michael Jung wrote:

> I would like to test a wine dll I'm working on on windows. Could you please
> tell me how the wine dlls are build for windows ? (Or beat me to the the
> place where it is documented.)

Among other possibilities, if you have an RPM based distro
you could use my MinGW cross compiler RPM packages, prebuilt
for Fedora Core and SUSE but also available as source RPMS
to rebuild yourself:

You need to do an out-of-tree build for the Wine tools as
well as the PE build. Off the top of my head I repeat 
Alexandre's original recipe here: Assuming your wine
tree is at /sources/wine:

 $ cd /sources
 $ mkdir wine-tools wine-pe
 $ cd wine-tools
 $ ../wine/configure && make depend && make tools
 $ cd ../wine-pe
 $ ../wine/configure --with-wine-tools=../wine-tools --host=i386-ming32
 $ make depend && make

The last step will spit out many errors mostly because
Wine targets Unix platforms, not a Windows platform like
MinGW. But most dlls will actually build if you ignore
the erros (make -k) or cd into the dll's directory first.


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