vartest.c - major pain in the build process

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Feb 27 04:03:55 CST 2005

"Krzysztof Foltman" <kfoltman at> wrote:

> > Well, I'd argue that compilation time of full Wine tree is much longer
> > than that single test. If you compile from source it's your choice.
> It's still an important percentage of the total compile time. And it's 
> not always possible to use binaries - particularly I'm not the best 
> candidate for that option, being a Wine hacker ;-)

Then perhaps it's better to upgrade your hw/compiler/etc, or somehow
schedule your development time to compile Wine while you are doing
something else.

> > Even more drastic route to go is to go and complain to gcc people,
> > that's certainly not a Wine fault.
> Well, almost no other program triggers this misbehaviour, so it might be 
> useful to work around that bug.

It's a very dubious statement. I'm certain that this is not a Wine bug
since compiling that code with MSVC compiler works several times faster.

> Or disable the test by default 
> completely. It could save hundreds of users from hours of wasted time.

Ordinary users are not supposed to compile the code intented for developers

> Looks like a pragmatic solution. It's not Wine's fault, but it's not the 
> user's fault either, so why punish him for gcc bugs if it's not necessary?

Sure, that's why we have already compiled binaries for download.

> It's a bit awkward to require everyone to upgrade a monster like gcc in 
> order to speed up a several minute long (10 minutes and more) 
> compilation of the module that has little use for most users and even 
> developers.

Then just disable the code you don't want to compile in your tree before
building Wine. Just do it locally, and not ask everybody to follow your


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