Support for running Winelib apps directly

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Mon Jan 3 07:58:43 CST 2005

Vincent Béron wrote:

>Remove the loader script from Winelib apps. Winelib apps are still .so
>files, but they can be launched directly now.
We did try to keep up with what wineapploader and wine did to load a 
fake-dll winelib app and all the spec.c magic that linked it all.
Could you please elaborate a bit on what has changed and how it is all 
glued together? Is the embedded wineapploader Process reused for the 
main process for easier debugging? Currently when you debug a winelib 
app under GDB you cannot use wineapploader you need to use 
wine-kthread/pthread directly, and disable execshild and friends all 
together. Will that be at all possible now?

Do you think it can be easier now for a: let's call it Unix app, to 
become a winelib application mid-flight. Lets say, when it wants to load 
a PE plug in DLL. (The way of mono and that Audio program can't recall 
the name). Could a UnixODBC (elf dynamic lib) force a load on a PE ODBC 
driver, therefor making the running app a winelib, Like PHP for example? 
If so could you make a little hello-world example of how it is done?

Grate work
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