Debugging mingw applications using wine

Bryce McKinlay mckinlay at
Tue Jan 4 16:18:40 CST 2005

Eric Pouech wrote:

> Bryce McKinlay a écrit :
>> I'm trying to debug a windows .exe built with mingw using wine, but 
>> winedbg seems to have problems reading stabs from the mingw-built 
>> binary. My goal is to be able to debug a cross-compiled, native Java 
>> (GCJ) application, but even a simple C "hello world" seems to cause 
>> problems.
> winedbg using the gdb won't work here because (likely on unix) gdb 
> isn't compiled with proper 'stabs in PE' support
> you can either:
> - use bare winedbg (without gdb support)
> - recompile gdb with 'stabs in PE' support (ie the settings used when 
> compiling gdb under windows)

Could you give any hints as to how to configure GDB with 'stabs in PE' 
support? The only reference I could find in the GDB documentation is:

"6.4.5 PE

Windows 95 and NT use the PE (/Portable Executable/) format for their 
executables. PE is basically COFF with additional headers.

While BFD includes special PE support, GDB needs only the basic COFF 

Is there a configure option to enable this support in the standard 
BFD/GDB code? (I'm using GDB from CVS head) - or are special patches 
required? How did you get/build the GDB you use?



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