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Wed Jan 5 11:17:53 CST 2005

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 08:17, luis lenders wrote:
> MediaHost (TM) wrote:
> >> However, is there any development going on
> concerning v4l and/or USB? 
> >> Actually it's a pity, that I couldn't realize this
> project....we would 
> >> have been willing to invest in such code....
> >I'm not sure what the capabilities of video4linux
> are, >which devices it 
> >supports or how its API works.  I know it supports at
> >least some USB webcams.
> Actually video4linux has quite some capabilities, a
> program like xawtv for example can even grab a movie
> from your tv-tuner card.
> >> As we can access /dev/usb/lpt or /dev/dsp, it
> should >>be possible to access /dev/video....I'm not
> familiar >>in implementing such stuff at  wine,
> but....?
> Altough I'm a programming noob i tried a few weeks ago
>  to write some code to accomplish this with (not much)
> but still a little succes: i used code from a program
> like vidcat to read a frame from my v4l device (in png
> format), used code from another program (png2bmp) to
> turn it into a bitmap, and used CreateWindowEx to
> display this in a windowsprogram under wine. Although
> the window with the frame from my webcam showed up ,
> the windowsprogram did not behave further as it should
> do. There is plenty of code to be found on the
> internet 
> using the v4l api, but the problem  how to get this in
> wine. Maybe someone has some further hints? 

I don't consider myself a programmer, so I'm probably the last person to
comment on this, BUT... 

I did some work with, and in playing with v4l,
and v4l2 (and creating a 'multiout' - sending multiple channels on one
device to multiple video devices), I can tell you that just opening the
/dev/video (or v4l2 - /dev/v4l/video, IIRC) will just get you a plain
YUV stream.  It's pretty easy to manipulate at that point.  The 'trick'
to v4l is v4l support for your device.  Once you have that support,
there are a million things you can do with it.

vgrabber is a really simple frame grabber if you're looking for more
info on how v4l works:

I dare say, if Windows is expecting a YUV stream from it's image capture
device, it might be just enough to fake a Windows device that's just
reads from /dev/video

Unfortunately I don't know anything about Video for Windows.



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