[winegcc] Include .so files when calling winebuild

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Thu Jan 6 22:49:07 CST 2005

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 10:10:50AM +0100, Peter Berg Larsen wrote:
> No, but it is convinient to have. I need the fullpaths to the .so
> libraries at certain point. Basicly I saw two ways of doing what:
> 1) Call [get|guess|try]_lib_path at the that point.
> 2) Save all previous result from get_lib_path. So now I need a way to link
> a file to the full path. The easiest way was to add a fullnames array,
> which had a 1-1 correspondence with the file array. However not every file
> has a fullname (fx. a file can also be a include directive), and the call
> get_lib_path is in a 60+ line foreach(@file)if/switch/else/switch part;
> so to keep it simple I need a set(index,element).

Makes sense.

> > Even if you do, it should _not_ shorten the array.
> Agreed. And the intension was that it shouldnt. I may be code blind, but
> do you see any way that it does shorten the array?
> maximum := the allocated array size,
> size    := number of used entries in the array (0 ... size-1)

Correct, I've read the code in a hurry, and I've read the assignment the
other way around.

Of course, there is the bigger problem of why you need these in there.
In fact, in the beginning of winegcc, we used to pass them to winebuild,
but we've stopped long time ago.


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