comctl32.dll and commctrl.dll

Rob Shearman rob at
Fri Jan 7 08:27:31 CST 2005

Dripple wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm a newbie in wine using and wine developpement. I just need
> information about comctl32.dll and commctrl.dll.
> I'm trying to have this app
> ( working.
> In fact, it works. But only using native comctl32.dll, which requires
> native commctrl.dll.
> Can anybody explain me what's missing in buitlin comctl32.dll and/or
> commctrl.dll ?

Why don't you tell us? You have obviously tried to run the app with 
builtin comctl32. Does it crash? Does it draw incorrectly? Does it hang?

> Is it planned to fix commctrl.dll, to avoid piracy ?

You probably shouldn't admit to copyright infringement on a public 
mailing list.


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