Best DLLs to write conformance tests for?

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Jan 10 00:36:21 CST 2005

Recently, I helped a student at Harvey Mudd college
write and submit a conformance test for the lzexpand dll:
I picked lzexpand.dll since (lacking a GUI) it seemed simple to test.

Now I'm putting together a reusable lab project for other
colleges, at, and am trying
to pick a few good DLLs for the students to write tests for.
(I plan ask the students to send me their patches so I can
review them before they post them on wine-patches.)

Clearly, I shouldn't ask anyone to write a conformance
test for a huge DLL in a term, so I guess I'll focus on
on the DLLs with under 100 functions.  And I'd like to
skip DLLs that have GUIs, so I guess I'll omit any where
the word HWND occurs.  That leaves the following 53 DLLs
or VxDs:

amstream    atl         cabinet     capi2032    cards
cfgmgr32    comcat      crypt32     d3dx8       d3dxof
dbghelp     devenum     dinput8     dmband      dmcompos
dmscript    dmsynth     dmusic32    dplayx      dpnet
dpnhpast    dswave      dxdiagn     dxerr8      dxerr9
glu32       iccvid      icmp        ifsmgr.vxd  imagehlp
itss        mmdevldr.vxd monodebg.vxd msdmo       mshtml
msimg32     msisys      msnet32     msvidc32    mswsock
olepro32    olesvr      qcap        secur32     vdhcp.vxd
vmm.vxd     vnbt.vxd    vnetbios.vxd vtdapi.vxd  vwin32.vxd
win32s      winaspi     wsock32

That's a small enough list that I can start guessing at
which ones are worth writing tests for.  Let's see, how
'bout the following 12:

amstream    atl         cabinet
crypt32     dplayx      dpnet
icmp        imagehlp    itss
mswsock     winaspi     wsock32

Are any of those obviously poor choices for writing
a conformance test?  Or are there others that are
obviously good choices, but that I missed?


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