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tony_lambregts at tony_lambregts at
Mon Jan 10 22:09:30 CST 2005

Hiji wrote:
> Ah, but my friend, in the Wine-Users alias we
> established that it should follow the trend of the
> thread.  In this thread, I started the trend as a
> "top-post".
> So, I should ask you (in this specific thread),
> "Please don't bottom-post." hehehe. ;)
> About USB...  Isn't it working (at minimum) with
> iTunes?

That may be ok in wine users. But not so much wine devel...  PLEASE do _NOT_ top 

You can do what you want. However aggravating the developers when you are asking 
for help is not a good way to start things off.


Tony Lambregts

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