Code cleanup: SHFileOperationW

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Jan 13 11:35:48 CST 2005

Joris Huizer wrote:

> Hmm, I see this indeed; should I rename and send again?
> The convension seems to be like SHELL_internetFunction(), although there 
> also seem to be a few SHELL32_* functions

Up to you.

> I also saw a few other debugger helper functions for SHFileOperationW, 
> named  debug_shfileops_flags and debug_shfileops_action; is this a 
> special debugger convension or should those be renamed as well ?

Yeah, that was done by me in an attempt to copy the debugstr_w() and 
debugstd_guid() debugging helper functions, so it didn't follow the 
SHELL_ convention.


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