[DPLAYX] Get rid of check for DPSET_REMOTE in dplayx.c

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 13 11:57:35 CST 2005


as DPSET_REMOTE is 0 we cannot check for it, like it's currently done in

if( dwFlags & DPSET_REMOTE )

we have to use some other method. As DPSET_REMOTE and DPSET_LOCAL (which
is 1) are mutually exclusive we could do:

if (!(dwFlags & DPSET_LOCAL))


if (dwFlags & DPSET_LOCAL)
else /* DPSET_REMOTE */

The attached patch gets rid of the afore mentioned wrong checks.

Remember that because of the changes the code-path changes as well. We
now get into places where we 'never' went before.

Patch is only compile tested and I changed some of the coding-style.

Any comment is welcome. (I'm learning).


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