Help debugging Fotowire

Antti Mäkelä zarhan at
Fri Jan 14 15:31:54 CST 2005


  I'm trying to get a (Win or Mac) software from my local photo printing
shop to work. The software is in Finnish, and downloadable from From what I gather, the
software is just licensed and translated version of Fotowire, found at

  Anyway, I cannot get it to work. With 20041201 it crashed at the end of
install process (still found it's way to the virtual drive though). This
was fixed in 20050111. The problem with actual functionality, however, was

  The program starts with a wizard. The first dialog box says that the
software wants to connect to Internet. When I click next, there is an
quick "connecting to server - respond received" dialog box and then an
error box with a message that says "erroneous response received - check
your connection" and the program returns to the first screen.

  With 20041201 I got some errors about CalendarA's as quarter-stub, but
these have disappeared with 20051101.

  How do I go on with debugging this problem? I tried setting
WINEDEBUG=+all wine fwprint.exe, but no debug messages appear..I'm using
Gentoo, kernel 2.6.10, gcc 3.4.

  Thanks for any and all assistance. Hopefully we can get this to work.

  I do have access to native DLLs from Win'98 or 2k if any of those can

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