Wine scheduling and threading issues [was Re: Threading issues...]

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Mon Jan 17 03:58:53 CST 2005

Ingo Molnar wrote:

>It would be nice if someone with a proper Wine test-setup could check
>whether _negative_ renicing of highprio Windows threads solves the
>scheduling problems. In fact you could even try to map Windows
>priorities (16 levels available to nonprivileged users?) to the nice
>range of -7...+7, and run the test as root so that the renicing
>	Ingo

I did something like that. I ran wineserver as root and a user wine app 
with same WINEPREFIX. The priorities work as expected and it was working 
for the mediocre app I had at the time. As Jeremy said, it is never the 
right way to do it programmatically.

I was working on a system where wine is installed by an "administrator" 
Linux user with some privileges and all users shared the same 
wineprefix. (Multi-user wine, a bit like the NT model.) I abandoned it 
because of the problem I had with multiple displays. And also my Linux 
IT knowledge is not up to it so I had problems with file access and stuff

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