DIB direct drawing - Bug 412: Implementing a DIB engine

Alejandro Bonet alex at winbabel.org
Sat Jan 15 13:20:00 CST 2005

Well, i'm a novice here (in wine and linux), but i think i could help 
with this task.

I'm a good windows application developer (www.babel7.com),
and i wrote two programs with some of the semantics you are 
looking for:

painting over BMPs (or better DIBs).

The 2 programs are for 256 colors and true RGB. 
They write on file BMPs.
The painting functions were written to generate pie graphs,
poligonals, rectangles, and so on, but they can be readapted 
to write on DIBs in memory.

The sintax help (comm line wo parms) is in Spanish, but i 
will not ask for excuses for it. The use is very simple.
I will rewrite an english sintax help if i begin with the task.

You can download it and test if i could help. 
If yes, i will begin with the task... 
And time will say!!



Aljandro Bonet
Babel Informatica SL
alex at winbabel.org

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