Vincent Béron vberon at
Mon Jan 17 20:06:54 CST 2005

Le lun 17/01/2005 à 04:40, Joachim von Thadden a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am maintainer of the new WineTools package. As it is related on
> under "3rd Party Tools" I want you
> do know that the text has to be changed, as Frank discontinued
> development for WineTools since a long time.
> The text should be now:
> WineTools  is a menu driven installer for installing Windows programs
> under Linux written by Joachim von Thadden.  This software lets you
> install the following Windows software: DCOM98, IE6, Windows Core Fonts,
> Windows System Software, Office & Office Viewer, Adobe Photoshop 7,
> Illustrator 9 and many other programs. 

"Written by" or "maintained by"? I thought Frank wrote it in the

> You can download WineTools here:

Some of the config files included in the "wt210jo" release look somewhat
out of date. The definition of drives in config has been dropped since a
couple of months, as well as the definition for the System, Temp, Path
and Profile environment variables, the ShellLinker key, the Resolution
key (in [fonts]), the serial and parallel ports keys, the
{Load,Write}HomeRegistryFiles keys, the WineLook key, and the
ClearAllSelections and PersistentSelection keys (in [Clipboard]).

Some of it is now handled in the registry, some in the .wine/dosdevices

Providing outdated stuff doesn't help Wine or it's users. Work on Wine
or winecfg (for easier configuration) would be preferred (I know this is
Free Software, so you work on what you like).

I'm not trying to dismiss WineTools, it's just that I'd much prefer
people working on improving the "real" thing rather than distribute
workarounds for a specific combination of Windows software and Wine


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