MPR: remove netspi.h

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Mon Jan 17 20:42:16 CST 2005

> I think it's probably better to move this file into dlls/mpr rather than
> delete it altogether.  Apparently it did exist in the Windows 98 DDK.

For what reason, for documentation?  Several of its declarations conflict
with those in npapi.h, so it's potentially problematic.  If it's not part
of the PSDK, winelib users shouldn't need it to compile, or should expect
to have to install the DDK if they need the prototypes, yes?

If you think it's a better approach I can rename all the conflicting
types, and document why the typenames don't match the expected ones.  Even
so, I'm not convinced a separate header file is preferable to moving the
declarations to nps.c (the only user of these declarations.)


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