wine/ include/wine/wined3d_interface.h dlls/wi ...

Raphael fenix at
Wed Jan 19 18:00:49 CST 2005


> Hello,

> This patch broke the compilation of dlls/d3d8/basetexture.c
> In file included from /home/michi/work/wine/dlls/d3d8/d3d8_private.h:69,
>                  from /home/michi/work/wine/dlls/d3d8/basetexture.c:31:
> /home/michi/work/wine/include/wine/wined3d_interface.h:877: error:
> syntax error before "D3DVERTEXELEMENT9"
> D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 isn't defined in D3D8 and trying to include any D3D9
> header was futil, introduced more problems that it solved.
> Attached is a quick hack to make it compile again.
> bye
> 	michael


i'm not happy with this prototypes (GetDeclaration8/9)
for now i'll use a VOID* (ugly) for that waiting to have a more cleaner/robust 
way to handle that differences between directx versions

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