Running dxdiag

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Thu Jan 20 11:08:44 CST 2005

--- Mike HeHearnmike at nanavixcxwrote:
> Well, if the little stub is overwritten by a correct native DLDLLhen 
> there is no problem at all. If some install overwrites it with an older 
> version than what apps expect (or Wine provides) then that might be a 
> problem, but that's just the generic DLDLLell the windows library design 
> implies.

Windows XPXPas this nice new feature of Side-by-Side AsAssemblieshat is a .Net concept. It
combined with Windows File Protection has in effect ended DLDLLell. Maybe we should look at
implementing some sort of side-by-side system in Wine.


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