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Sun Jan 23 18:28:51 CST 2005

Francois Gouget wrote:
>> Can you please add Wine-Wiki.org to the list of Compatibility site. We 
>> have been growing greatly, and if it was on the site, it would help 
>> everyone.
> It seems that Wine-Wiki.org is basically redoing the Application 
> Database and IMHO it's a shame for two reasons:
>  * building and maintaining an application database takes a lot of work 
> and it's a shame to duplicate that work.
>  * users need a clear place to go to when they need information about 
> running their application in Wine. Multiplying places where they can 
> find this information does not help them, it only creates confusion.
>    (due to contradictory and/or out of date information)
> Also it's not like the Wine project is not responsive to patches. So I 
> don't see what kind of information would justify creating a separate web 
> site and could not go either directly in the Wine documentation or on 
> the WineHQ's site.

It seems the main reason for these other sites creaping up is that there is or 
was a deficiency in wine or our web sites.

Franks corner seems to have grown out of the lack of information in the AppDB. 
This is a very good site but in theory all the information at this site should 
be available in the AppDB since Frank is an administrator of the AppDB.

It seems that Winetools and Sidenet have grown out of the difficulties or 
problems configuring Wine. The fact that winecfg is not up to snuff and the 
documentation on configuring wine is out of date and currently misleading 
certainly does not help the situation. It seems the users love these tools but I 
would prefer that they were part of the code base or better yet not nessasary.

I am not sure of the purpose of the wine wiki but from what I have seen it seems 
to be that it is duplicating "once again" the information that should be in the 
AppDB or our Documentation.

I am not opposed to these sites. I am just a little sad that they somehow seem 
to be nessesary.

The bottom line here is that anyone who wants this to be linked can submit a patch.


Tony Lambregts

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