Recruit regression testers?

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Jan 24 10:27:50 CST 2005

>>So maybe we should recruit some people to get regression reports from
>>users, find the
>>patch that caused the regression, and report back to developers.
>>Am I just to tired at time of writing or could this be a good idea?

As an fyi, we have spent the past year or so developing a Wine
visual regression testing tool, and I think we're getting to a point
where it is starting to be useful.

A very rudimentary web site is up at, if you want to
go look.

The basic idea is that we provide a test framework that is capable
of doing visual clicks, both for X11 based apps, and for Wine based
apps.  This lets us automate the process of installing an app and
putting it through some really basic tests (see the README for the
WineHQ winemine test for an example of that).

Our long term goal is to have a very large distributed testing
grid, where people can run a cron job that runs Wine tests every night,
and every morning we can look at and see the
'health' of the previous nights build.

In theory, this should let us catch regressions the day they happen.

The test tool is largely oriented around CrossOver at this point,
but it's been designed to be used with either Wine from CrossOver
or with WineHQ Wine, and should be readily adaptable to Wine.

We'd appreciate folks that wanted to come and help.  The few of us
working on it are hanging out on #cxtest these days.



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