Recruit regression testers?

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Mon Jan 24 11:01:18 CST 2005

Nikolas Zimmermann wrote:
> On Monday 24 January 2005 04:01, Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:
>>I think quite a few regressions get into releases, and while a few a
>>tracked down
>>some stay in the code for months if not years (I've heard of at least
>>one game that
>>worked some 2 years ago but doesn't now), while regression testing may
>>seem trivial
>>to a developer, it can be a challenging task for most users, especially
>>if they are new to wine/Linux.
>>So maybe we should recruit some people to get regression reports from
>>users, find the
>>patch that caused the regression, and report back to developers.
>>Am I just to tired at time of writing or could this be a good idea?
> Hi Ivan,
> this idea sounds quite good, though I've had a different concept in mind,
> for let's say more "mature wine releases". Though the whole releasing
> methods would need changes. I was thinking of a ie. wine beta1-rc release.
> Now we wanna make sure no new regressions have been introduced - but how?
> I thought of creating a global list of applications, which are known to be
> quite "tricky" and have been broken several times of the last years. Think
> of a big feature matrix showing all applications indicating their status
> "works" /  "broken forever" / "broken since last release".
> And a new wine release would only be given out when all of these apps
> have been tested. This would require a high amount a people with a real
> motivation in background and probably a much longer time until the release
> is "ready". Do you think this idea is "overengineered"?

We have a list of applications, it is called the AppDB.

One of the reasons we have maintainers is so that they will catch regressions. 
In the long run when we go to a stable/unstable release cycle and every app that 
was "gold" in the previous stable release should work with the next stable 
release. IMO Having a list of progams that are gold (just work) is a requirement 
of 0.9. If a program does not have a maintainer then it cannot get on that list.

I could entertain adding another field to the appdb to indicate that the App is 
  "Supported by Wine developers" but I believe that would be redundant.

As a side note we have a list of "Gold" and "Silver" Applications on the front 
page. I cannot remember where this list came from but in the long run we plan on 
replacing that static list with a with a dynamic list that uses the actual data 
from the AppDB.

Currently for the "Gold" list only Acrobat Reader, Putty and FileZilla have 
maintainers. For the "Silver" list only WinZip, WinRar, WinMX and Snagit have 
mantainers. (BTW Jonathan Ernst is the maintainer for most of these apps. 
Thanks.) I would like to see maintainers for the remaining apps so we can make 
the switch.


Tony Lambregts

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