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Hiji hijinio at
Thu Jan 27 15:45:30 CST 2005

--- Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:

> On Thu, 27 Jan 2005, Hiji wrote:
> [...]
> > Here's something to add into the mix...
> >
> > I'm not quite sure how other Linux distros work,
> but
> > Sun's JDS mounts any Windows partitions under
> > /windows/[drive letter] .  IIRC, Wine makes drive
> Z
> > the root.  So, a virus theoretically could go
> through
> > each drive, eventually hit Z drive, and then from
> > there, get to the Windows partitions -- that is,
> if
> > the partitions are Fat32, it can do damage.
> It seems you're just repeating what Mike Hearn said
> and ignoring what he 
> and I said about non-root users not necessarily
> having write access to 
> the Windows partition. It's a bit irritating because
> that last part is 
> exactly what I was trying to pointing out.
> Apparently I failed :-(
> Now you may have been confused by the fat32 thing.
> But under Linux if 
> you mount a fat32 partition with all defaults then
> only root can write 
> to it. If you want other users to have write to it,
> then you have to 
> use the appropriate mount options to set the umask,
> user and group just 
> right.
> Do man mount and look for uid, gid and umask in the
> 'Mount options for 
> fat' section.

No need to get irritated.  I did read the posts, and
was reconfirming the topic about Z drive.  My
appologies as I probably wasn't as clear as I should
have been.  So, let me elaborate.

Sun's JDS R2 (based on a hybrid of Suse 8.1/8.2 --
essentially Suse SLEC) is marketed and created for the
basic end-user.  Essentially, someone who doesn't know
anything about Linux, but needs the basics of an
office setting: word processing, email client,
browser, etc.

That said, the JDS does a lot of stuff for you.  By
default, it automounts windows partitions so basically
anyone can write to them (root or not).  In this case,
with this specific distro, a virus would have write
access to that partition.  I don't mount anything, the
distro does...

Not only that, chances are that a general JDS user out
there in the real world wouldn't know where to start
to change permissions ... much less know what "man"
is. ;)

Hope that helps!

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