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Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Jun 3 11:37:02 CDT 2005

Brian Vincent wrote:
> On 5/31/05, *Daniel Kegel* <dank at <mailto:dank at>> wrote:
>     Google is offering students summer stipends to contribute
>     to open source projects!
> As part of the Summer of Code, Google will be giving each project $500 
> for each proposal that gets accepted.
> Right now the Wine Party Fund is doing ok.  What do you guys think about 
> contributing $250 of the $500 back to the developer as an extra 
> incentive? 

I don't think that's allowed.  Here's what Chris DiBona replied
to a similar question:

--- snip ---
No. This is not right. Every student gets 4500$, not 5k. If KDE
doesn't want the $500 stipend they can either not take part in the
Summer of Code program, not accept the money, or donate it, themselves
to another organizations.

If in fact I learn of a sideways payment to a student, KDE and the
Student will not be allowed to take part and their students will be
--- snip ---

The $500 is meant to compensate the mentor for his/her
time.  It's not always easy shepherding a newbie through the
process of getting code developed and submitted.
- Dan

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