Copy Protection & WINE

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at
Wed Jun 1 18:51:40 CDT 2005

 From what I understand, there are 3 ways to do copy protection in WINE (at 
least for copy protection that needs a kernel driver to work):
1.Implement a WINE implementation of that kernel driver (in the same way 
various stock windows kernel drivers have been implemented). Problem with 
this is that there is a big DMCA risk (which is why AFAIK its been rejected)
2.Implement a fake NTOSKRNL that has just the entrypoints for accessing and 
loading copy protection drivers (the set of kernel calls needed by the copy 
protection drivers is only a very small subset of the total set of kernel 
calls and AFAIK none of them are hardware related)
or 3.Implement a proper kernel driver loader (i.e. one that would sit in 
the windows kernel and do the same sort of thing as that ndiswrapper and 
that ntfs.sys loader do)

What is the current state of copy protection work for WINE?
Which of these 3 options do the developers intend to follow? (I remember 
someone posted some actual code for option 2 but I dont remember if 
anything happened with it)

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