Window geometry problem

Pavel Troller patrol at
Wed Jun 8 23:52:43 CDT 2005

 I would like to report a long lasting problem with an application, which
renders its main window incorrectly in wine.
 The app is "iRiver caption editor" and it can be freely downloaded at .
 Installation of the program is easy and proceeds and the program itself runs
well, but its window looks like a total mess. For a snapshot, look at .
 I think it's not necessary to write more, what's wrong, simply the widgets
are misplaced, incorrectly sized, the window has scrollbars, which it IMHO
shouldn't have etc. The window is not resizable.
 It's the only app known to me which exhibits such a behaviour. I don't have
a possibility to test it on a real windoze system, I don't have it.
 I'm about to file a bug for it, but I'm asking first here to verify that
it's not an easily resolvable problem with my setup etc., and also whether
a similar (or the same) behaviour isn't already registered.
                                        With regards, Pavel Troller

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