Wine does not build [ wined3d ]

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Jun 9 20:32:12 CDT 2005

"Ivan Gyurdiev" <ivg2 at> wrote:

> > I agree with Mike, how hard would it be to send an one-liner patch
> > instead of complaining?
> Probably about as hard as checking that code submissions to 
> CVS actually compile, before merging them?
> Just hard enough to make me complain, as opposed to sending a patch?
> Hard enough to make you complain that I don't send a patch in 
> the first place?
> :)
> The only reason I spam the list with build failures, is that I'm
> not convinced they will get fixed soon if I don't. If you'd like me
> to stop, then please let me know, and no more build failures will
> be reported.

The thing is that Wine actually compiled for me (and apparently for
Alexandre as he doesn't commit the patches that doesn't compile) without
any warning or an error. A reason it didn't compile for you is a more
recent gcc version you are using. If you could take that into consideration
before complaining or blaming somebody next time that would be really nice.


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