avifil32, msvfw32 and friends

Jan Jezabek jezabek at poczta.onet.pl
Fri Jun 10 20:26:32 CDT 2005

Jan Jezabek wrote:
> Hi,
> What is the current state of VfW support? I have tried a few 
> applications, and they seem to fail sooner or later:
> - virtualdub runs fine, but it's only possible to use RGB, cvid or ms 
> video. I installed the xvid and divx vfw dll's to wine's 
> c:\windows\system, updated the Drivers32 and drivers.desc keys in the 
> registry, but virtualdub still doesn't let me use them,
> - I've also got a program written by me, which reads an AVI and stores 
> the video part on disk. Here the problem seems to be AviFileInit which 
> seems not to be implemented.
> My question is: how much of msvfw32.dll and avifil32.dll is implemented? 
> I've had a quick look at msvfw32 and it seems to do what I expected - 
> enumerate all strings from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows 
> NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32. Does anyone know why the drivers then fail 
> to show up in VirtualDub? Are there any parts of the AVI reader 
> implemented or are they only stubs?
> Regards,
> JJ

Ok, this post was probably better suited for the 'users' list. Anyway, 
I've posted a patch that solves the first issue.
The second one is a little harder; it works ok using builtin msvfw32 and 
native (winXP) avifil32.dll. With the builtin avifil32.dll I can open an 
AVI, get a video stream, read its format (dimensions etc.). After that I 
get a segfault somewhere in AviStreamGetFrame. Is this 
(AviStreamGetFrame) supposed to be working? Or is it partially 
implemented/broken? It seems that the AVI (or at least the header) is 
being parsed correctly.
I have another question: I'd like to participate in Summer of Code; I 
have some background in multimedia compression - I've written a 
VfW-compatible codec [1], and also once created a DirectShow component 
for it. Is there anything (preferably multimedia-related) that I could 
help implement as part of SoC?


[1] http://www.ii.uj.edu.pl/~jezabek/blox/

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