Wine's Registry

Brad DeMorrow syllogism711 at
Fri Jun 17 23:58:46 CDT 2005

James Liggett wrote:

>Being as compatible with Windows as possible would probably be the best
>idea. As for looking to ReactOS as a guide, it might be feasible, but
>there's a lot of holes in their implementations of things, so this would
>take some looking into as to where they stand in that area. But it might
>be worth it.
>On Mon, 2005-06-20 at 08:08 +0200, Martin Fuchs wrote:
>>2005/6/19, James Liggett <jrliggett at>:
>>>Hi Brad,
>>>I've been following you discussion about wine's registry format, and I
>>>find it interesting. I gave it some thought, I have have an idea. Have
>>>you thought about using XML as a potential format? Since the registry is
>>>a non-relational tree database, this seems to fit quite well. Plus,
>>>there's a few libraries that would do the dirty work for us (libxml,
>>>expat, many others, name your pick). It could even be possible to
>>>modularize the registry using technologies like XInclude or XLink. Just
>>>thought I'd offer my two cents.
>>Sure, the tree format would match. But this would not really make
>>things better. You would also have to read the registry at once at
>>startup time. The best solution would be to use native Windows
>>registry format. This way you could use real Windows registry files,
>>and can read and update registry piecewise. It's organized like a
>>little file system - or database if you want to see it this way. It's
>>not documented. But you could have a look at the ReactOS
>>implementation, which claimes to be compatible to NT4.
>>    Martin
    I see a few people piping up and agreeing that Wine could use a new 
registry mechanism, but ultimately, Julliard is going to be the one who 
decides whether or not he's going to commit such a thing to cvs or not. 
. . 
I'd really like to get his approval before I do anything. . .  I know 
you weren't convinced with my first post Alexandre, but has your opinion 
been changed since then?  If it hasn't - I'll drop the whole subject now 
and let things be, but if it has, please let me know so I can begin work.


--Brad DeMorrow

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