winefile: switch to UNICODE mode

Ralf Reiterer ralfreit at
Tue Jun 21 19:52:16 CDT 2005


> The pure existence of <include/tchar.h> in the Wine code base
> shows me, Wine is aimed to support TCHARs. So why don't you 
> want to properly activate its functionality and take Winefile 
> as an example how to use it?
> ...
> I know, I won't be able to convince you. Any one out there to 
> support my point of view?  ;-)

the whole existance of the TCHAR type and associated 
functions is to allow applications to be portable between 
ANSI and Unicode and therefore avoid ugly #ifdefs for 
distinguishing between ANSI and Unicode. As it is part of the 
Platform SDK at least since Windows 95 was released, I'm sure 
many Win32 applications (still) rely on the TCHAR type. At 
least the MFC library and ATL does and hence all MFC/ATL 
based applications rely on that type too.

So I really think Wine has to support the TCHAR type and all 
associated functions/macros to stay as close to the Windows 
API as possible.

And since it helps to avoid #ifdefs in application source, I 
think that's a strong argument not to eliminate it from 
Winelib (includes). Maybe these arguments help to convince 
you, Alexandre. ;-)


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