Jedi Academy regression?

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Jun 26 17:32:30 CDT 2005

>         In wine-20050524, Jedi Academy works well.  After an upgrade to
> wine-cvs, now it doesn't go fullscreen and doesn't get keyboard focus.

> This started about June 13th. (give or take) after spending some time to
> see if there was some configuration variable that changed, I installed the
> older version of wine for comparison.  I believe this is a regression, but
> if there's some thing I should have done on my box to fix it, please let
> me know.
I played JKA(mutli player) without problems on a private LAN party on June, 23 
with the CVS version from that day. Worked flawless for me, however, I always 
play in windowed mode(set in JKJA, not via Desktop = XXX )

I'm hunting two regressions in Half-Life(crash) and Battlefield 1942(Graphic 
glitches) ATM, and I can do some tests later if necessary.


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