Battlefield 1942 Regression

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Mon Jun 27 07:55:24 CDT 2005

--- Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> wrote:

> Hello,
> The patch
> from 2005/06/22 13:30:30 
> breaks Battlefield to a certain extend.
> Battlefield used to have major texture
> problems(Units partially not visible, 
> wrong colors sometimes) which went away
> approximately 2 Weeks ago. Now they 
> came back with this patch.
> It seems to me that this patch fixes some
> functionality which was broken 2 
> weeks ago and which causes the problems and the root
> cause is somewhere else.
That seems odd SFAIK Battlefield  1942 is a directX 8

My notes on the demo are as follows 
'seems to be ok, but there's a lot of missing text
(this could just be a missing font though)

graphics also seem slow, but that could be mmtimer
bogging things down

slowness looks like it's down to two things...
drawstridedslow being one of them.

Since drawStridedSlow is fixed in d3d9 the came should
hopefully get a good enough performance when d3d8 is
made to point to wined3d.

One of the shaders doesn't work properly

There's the odd missing texture or wrongly draw
element, and the graphics are annoyingly slow, apart
from that everything seems to work fine."
> Can someone give me a hint/documentation links what
> might be wrong here? Is it 
> worth trying Oliviers DirectX patches? It looks to
> me that he's just 
> committing them to CVS.

My DirectX patches shouldn't affect anything, as they
are only for DirectX 9 and shoudln't affect DirectX 8.
having said that the intent is to move the DirectX 8
code over to the new code, this should fix quite a few
of the problems I've noted with the game.

Anyhow, I'll retest ASAP to make sure it's still
working at my end.

> Stefan Dösinger

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