[wine] Soliciting suggestions for AppDB

Chris Morgan chmorgan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 16:04:15 CDT 2005

The patch needed some minor changes and clarifications.  I haven't
received a resubmission yet.


On 6/27/05, Mitchell Mebane <mmebane at ev1.net> wrote:
>  David Lee Lambert wrote: 
>  On Wednesday 08 June 2005 08:32 pm, Mitchell Mebane wrote:
>  I'm putting together a Summer of Code proposal for working on the AppDB.
> I've been talking with Chris Morgan, and he has a few suggestions, but I
> was looking for more. Does anybody have any features they'd like added
> to the AppDB, quirks they'd like worked out, or things of that nature?
>  I have some ideas about the AppDB, but I've been working on some of them 
> myself, and others really need the approval of the WinHQ webmaster more than
> anything. Still, I'd like to hear what other people think of them:
> 1. The AppDB, Bugzilla and the Wiki ought to send last-modified information 
> for most of their pages. This would speed things up, in some cases, for 
> dialup users, but the real advantage would be as protection against a 
> slashdotting or onslaught of AOL users. Many of the pages also send other 
> headers that prevent caching of positive lookups.
> Today I sent a patch to the AppDB maintainer to do this for images, which
> are 
> probably the biggest performance hit (they cause the AppDB main page to take
> about 30 seconds to load over a dialup connection). However, almost any 
> page in each of these databases could in theory be cached. Bugzilla bug 
> display pages already display a "Last modified" datum in the text of the 
> page, and so do Wiki pages (bug 2889 mentions this).
> Several of the AppDB tables already have TIMESTAMP columns, so I was
> planning 
> to write some code to just gather them all together and send the latest one 
> as the last-modified date. The only problem is that if a page contains an 
> item which is then deleted, its timestamp will go backwards.
>  David,
>  I don't see this patch on wine-patches. Did you send this in?
>  --Mitchell Mebane
>  -- 
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> up something and finding something else on the way.
> -- Franklin P. Adams

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