[AppDB] Redisplay the input form and display the errors take 2

Paul van Schayck polleke at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 04:54:19 CDT 2005


On 6/29/05, Tony Lambregts <tony.lambregts at gmail.com> wrote:
> Chris and I talked on IRC and it turns out that magic_quotes_gpc are
> turned "on" in php.ini on the production server and not on mine so we
> needed a stripslashes() on the version description.

They are supposed to be off! Check our .htaccess:

Our database query compile functions are also adding slashes and I
don't see slashes appear in other recent database entries. In other
words there we have no magic quotes added.
So either the php overrule settings are recently changes or the
slashes in appsubmit.php are comming from a different place.


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