World of Warcraft

Christoph cr2005 at
Wed Jun 29 15:50:27 CDT 2005

Joseph Garvin schrieb:
> The test realms are up, which lets players test the next patch. Anyone 
> tried it to see if the problem is fixed?

Yes, I'm going to test.

first gotcha the bizzard char copy page. The page did not work in 
Firefox. Clicking in a circle, not accepting a new char name. Looked at 
page source. What a joy. The europe/german Version of the page contains 
a bag full of typos ... such as not closed tags ! Thanks to the 
Webdeveloper plugin in Firefox I got finally a test char :-P

second download tool. 100% cpu and 'nothing' happens until winedbg came 
up with seg fault. Simply retried 5 times, now it's downloading and 
uploading with 3040MB/s . Great speedup :=)

third, ... hey I have to cvs the latest wine ;-)


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