Visual C++ 6.0 as a Winelib IDE?

Ira Krakow ikrakow_1999 at
Wed Mar 2 12:08:57 CST 2005


> Has any of these problems changed? Can you set a
> break point and run 
> under the debugger?

You can set a break point, the debugger runs, and
stops at the break point.  You can inspect and change

However, Step Into, Step Over, doesn't work.  If you
try this after reaching the breakpoint, the debugging
options are greyed out and the debugger ceases to

So I guess it's some progress, but it's not totally
there yet.

> There are 2 easier ways that I know of to do this.
> 1. Use dev-c++ from
> It will Just open 
> your DSP file and make a very good, very simple
> MinGW makefile for you. 
> It will add all your -D and -I and all this
> nightmare in big projects. 
> Both the result makefile and dev-c++ itself can be
> used with wine. It 
> has a native Linux port has well.
> One thing to try is debugging. It uses gdb for
> windows. Does gdb for 
> windows runs under wine??

I installed dev-c++ and really like it!  The DSP
import looks very promising - this is definitely an
avenue I will pursue.  I also like the Visual
Studio-like look, and the fact that it creates
makefiles for DLLs (static and dynamic), console apps,
and Windows GUI apps.  

Haven't tried gdb for Windows under Wine.  Also looks
like a good idea.

> 2. Grab the DSW2MAKE util from MinGW. Written in
> Perl.

These are all great suggestions.  My next chapter will
be to convert a "real world" app, which leans heavily
on good debugging techniques.  I want to define a good
converstion path.  You have helped me a lot.  Thanks.


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