riched20 and test app

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Mar 3 05:11:27 CST 2005

Hi Krzysztof,

Krzysztof Foltman wrote:
> This is an attempt at starting a RichEdit 2.0 clone, plus a test app for 
> it (which I, for some reason, decided to call Wine WordPad).

Cool.  Looks like you've done alot of good work.

> It lacks most essential functionality, and source formatting is not 
> exactly standard, but it has enough functionality to make a couple of 
> Wine developers convince me to release it now. Or weeks ago.

Well, you wrote it, so you get to choose the formatting.  I like that 
you've used lots of small functions, rather than monolithic 200 line 
globs.  I like the asserts too.

> The test app uses the Mike McCormack's test snippet to fill the control 
> with some fancy formatted text.
> Hope the patch is OK. Adding new DLL's and EXE's isn't an easy process.

OK, now some suggestions:

* submitting riched20 and the new wordpad program seperately would be a 
good idea.  The bigger the patch, the longer it tends to hang round 
before it's committed.

* instead of #ifndef __WINESRC__ ... printf ... #endif, how about using 
wine's debug macros TRACE, ERR, etc?  Then you can just #define TRACE to 
printf when __WINESRC__ isn't defined

* instead of XXXFK how about FIXME?

* you probably should get rid of the _int3 macro in wrap.c, and replace 
it with DebugBreak()

* ME_DumpParaStyle isn't used... maybe change it to use MESSAGE() rather 
than a message box.  You can dump stuff by checking the condition 
WINE_TRACE_ON(richedit).  You'll need to declare a 

* maybe you want to add LGPL licenses on your header files?

* keep the formatting in your the same as the other dlls. 
Julliard's a bit fussy about that, so he's probably going to change it 
anyway.  Might as well save him the time.


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