New uninstaller

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Mar 3 06:51:40 CST 2005

Jonathan Ernst wrote:
> Here is the new uninstaller.
> I'll be away all this week so I send it already as it works well here
> (no regressions found) and has already some more features than the
> current one (so Iguess it can be safely committed, but I might be wrong
> of course).
> With some help I'll be able to improve it (more unicodification, etc.)
> when I'll come back.
> Changelog:
> - new uninstaller
> - "find as you type" search
> - use dialog instead of window
> - internationalization
> - more unicodification
> - if the uninstaller cannot be found the user can choose to remove the
> entry from the registry	

Hi Jonathan,

You'll have more success getting this applied if you send each step as a 
seperate patch.  I suggest starting by sending a single patch that 
converts the uninstaller to use a dialog instead of a window, adds a 
dialog resource in English and does nothing else.

Once that patch is accepted, move onto the other tasks you have listed 
above.  One step at a time makes the patch easier to review, and reduces 
the chance that a single line mistake will stop your entire patch from 
going in.

Additionally, there's no need to change the name of main.c to 
uninstaller.c, that will just make it harder to see what has changed 
between versions.


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