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Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at
Tue Mar 8 03:18:50 CST 2005

Le jeudi 03 mars 2005 à 21:51 +0900, Mike McCormack a écrit :
> Hi Jonathan,
> You'll have more success getting this applied if you send each step as a 
> seperate patch.  I suggest starting by sending a single patch that 
> converts the uninstaller to use a dialog instead of a window, adds a 
> dialog resource in English and does nothing else.

Ok, once everything works I'll try to split it up as much as I can.

> Once that patch is accepted, move onto the other tasks you have listed 
> above.  One step at a time makes the patch easier to review, and reduces 
> the chance that a single line mistake will stop your entire patch from 
> going in.
> Additionally, there's no need to change the name of main.c to 
> uninstaller.c, that will just make it harder to see what has changed 
> between versions.

I thought it would be more homogeneous as taskmanager, winecfg where
using <program_name>.c files and that most of this file was rewritten by
the way. But I renamed it back in my latest test patch.

Thanks for your comments !
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