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Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 08:57:15 CST 2005

Lionel Ulmer wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 10:30:55PM -0000, Ann and Jason Edmeades wrote:
>>Interestingly, even though most people seem to end up working in a
>>particular area they may not handle bugs in that area (probably because they
>>don't check for them!). How many of the wine developers would consider
>>allocating time once a month (even if its just an hour!) to look at a bug
>>report, perhaps try it or go back asking for appropriate traces etc.
> Well, that somehow supposes that the bug is already well characterized in a
> proper category (DirectX, MSI, COM, ...).
> I.e. there is no easy way for me to say 'I want to look at all DDraw-related
> bugs that are in the database'.
Is the current component structure inadequate?

wine-binary:	Low level environment, thunking, calling conventions, addressing
wine-console:	Console mode, TTY driver
wine-debug:	Builtin debugger, trace messages, debugging interface
wine-directx:	DirectDraw, DirectSound, Direct3D, DirectPlay
wine-documentation:	Wine documentation
wine-dos:	DOS support, INT n calls
wine-files:	Filesystem interaction
wine-gdi:	Drawing, graphics, fonts, drivers
wine-gui:	Controls, dialogs, shell
wine-help:	Basic support or configuration request
wine-ipc:	Communication between Wine processes or app tasks/processes/threads
wine-kernel:	Memory management, tasks, processes and threads, synchronization, exception handling, VxD drivers
wine-loader:	The NE, PE and MZ program loaders
wine-misc:	Unknown, uncategorized, or app-specific problem
wine-multimedia:	MCI; Audio (wave, mciwave, msacm, midi) and video (vfw, mciavi); mixer, timers, and joystick
wine-net:	Networking, winsock
wine-ole:	OLE, Active X
wine-patches:	Report consisting solely of a patch
wine-ports:	OS specific issues, portability, hardware emulation
wine-programs:	Winelib programs shipped with Wine
wine-resources:	Wrc, resource handling, faulty system resources
wine-tools:	Subsidiary tools (except wrc)
wine-user:	Events, messages, window handling
wine-winelib:	Winelib issues
wine-x11driver:	Bugs about problems with Wine X11 driver.

If it is not. What do we need to do to change it?


Tony Lambregts

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