Discussion on Bug tracking database

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 7 17:26:21 CST 2005

>> 1. I would like to get implemented an AUTOMATIC timeout on the bug
>I have looked at this and it is not possible to do this without 
>drastically altering (forking) bugzilla. 
>I have looked into having a resolution "abandoned" and that should be
>possible to do without forking bugzilla "Too Much".

Shame... Ok, so if we have a bug which has been inactive for what period of
time following a request for more information (or to retest with a later
driver) can we actually close it? 

If I said 2 months, would anyone complain?

I'd like to completely clarify that :
- If _easily_ recreatable then a comment can be put in to keep it active by
the person looking at it, but otherwise anything which is inactive for 2
months when the action was with the raiser can be closed.

If so, which closing code (does it matter?!)? With no changes to bugzilla I
would suggest an INVALID closing code with appropriate words added.

Once agreed, we can have some fun clearing out some old rubbish. Looking
through the old bugs and trying to reproduce a few, there are some easily
recreatable basic bugs but those where there is nothing to go on really cant
be progressed!

> 4. I would also like a bug fixing period of time, when all wine developers
> are encouraged to work on bugs for eg. one day a month. 

Interesting that noone was interested in that. As an alternative question,
which wine developer would be interested in being notified if a problem
crops up in an area they are known to work in - This would be no commitment
or anything, just informational. I would almost say this would be a manual
process if someone investigates a bug and pins it down to a specific area


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