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tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Mon Mar 7 22:45:20 CST 2005

Ann and Jason Edmeades wrote:
>>>1. I would like to get implemented an AUTOMATIC timeout on the bug
> reports.
>>I have looked at this and it is not possible to do this without 
>>drastically altering (forking) bugzilla. 
>>I have looked into having a resolution "abandoned" and that should be
>>possible to do without forking bugzilla "Too Much".
> Shame... Ok, so if we have a bug which has been inactive for what period of
> time following a request for more information (or to retest with a later
> driver) can we actually close it? 
> If I said 2 months, would anyone complain?

No one has so far...
> I'd like to completely clarify that :
> - If _easily_ recreatable then a comment can be put in to keep it active by
> the person looking at it, but otherwise anything which is inactive for 2
> months when the action was with the raiser can be closed.
> If so, which closing code (does it matter?!)? With no changes to bugzilla I
> would suggest an INVALID closing code with appropriate words added.
> Once agreed, we can have some fun clearing out some old rubbish. Looking
> through the old bugs and trying to reproduce a few, there are some easily
> recreatable basic bugs but those where there is nothing to go on really cant
> be progressed!

Well if the attached patch is OK for Jeremy then you will not need to use 
"INVALID" and you use "ABANDONED" instead. ;^)

Jeremy: You need to rerun checksetup.pl for this change to work.

Change log: Add resolution "ABANDONED to bugs database

Files Changed: checksetup.pl

-------------- next part --------------
Index: checksetup.pl
RCS file: /home/wine/bugzilla/checksetup.pl,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.1.1.1 checksetup.pl
--- checksetup.pl	1 Dec 2004 23:15:11 -0000
+++ checksetup.pl	8 Mar 2005 04:26:59 -0000
@@ -731,7 +731,7 @@
         # Fields we actually want (matches the current collectstats.pl)                             
-                            DUPLICATE WORKSFORME MOVED);
+                            DUPLICATE WORKSFORME MOVED ABANDONED);
         while (<IN>) {
             if (/^# fields?: (.*)\s$/) {
@@ -1483,7 +1483,7 @@
     reporter mediumint not null,
     version varchar(64) not null,
     component_id smallint not null,
-    resolution enum("", "FIXED", "INVALID", "WONTFIX", "LATER", "REMIND", "DUPLICATE", "WORKSFORME", "MOVED") not null,
+    resolution enum("", "FIXED", "INVALID", "WONTFIX", "LATER", "REMIND", "DUPLICATE", "WORKSFORME", "MOVED", "ABANDONED") not null,
     target_milestone varchar(20) not null default "---",
     qa_contact mediumint not null,
     status_whiteboard mediumtext not null,
@@ -2536,7 +2536,7 @@
 # into.
 my @resolutions = ("", "FIXED", "INVALID", "WONTFIX", "LATER", "REMIND",
-                  "DUPLICATE", "WORKSFORME", "MOVED");
+                  "DUPLICATE", "WORKSFORME", "MOVED", "ABANDONED");
 CheckEnumField('bugs', 'resolution', @resolutions);
 if (($_ = GetFieldDef('components', 'initialowner')) and ($_->[1] eq 'tinytext')) {

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