server/protocol.def documentation

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Wed Mar 9 21:46:26 CST 2005

Hi James,

> ie why we use do...while(0) loops in SERVER_START_REQ

This is a fairly common idiom in C macros.  See here for an explanation:

Because it's a common trick, I'm not sure it's worth explaining. 
Describing at a high level what SERVER_START_REQ and SERVER_END_REQ do for
the macro-phobic might be useful though.

As far as documenting the server API, again I agree with you: it's a
worthwhile task.  There's even a todo list item for it assigned to
Alexandre.. but I wouldn't hold my breath for him to provide something
parseable by newbies.  If you're starting to understand it, maybe writing
it down would be a good idea.


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