[ARTWORK] icon: "My Computer"

Mike Hearn mike at navi.cx
Sun Mar 13 06:20:04 CST 2005

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 23:02:54 +0100, egore wrote:
> I drew a simple icon that COULD be used as a replacement for the current
> one. I don't know if anyone of you likes it, so please tell me what you
> think. Tell me if you like it, if you hate if, what could be done
> better, etc.


Typically icons have to be totally redrawn in the Gimp for 16x16 and other
small sizes according to Jimmac. Here are some tips:

- Avoid perspective, at the sizes Wine works at (32x32 and 16x16)
  perspective just doesn't work. Draw them front on.

- We don't need SVG or large sizes, because Windows doesn't use them.
  48x48 is the max necessary and I'm not sure we actually use them in
  Wine (they are an XP thing)

- I think the current file icon is OK, note that it's got a very clear
  solid outline. At small sizes the lines have been anti-aliased into grey
  which we don't want.

thanks -mike

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