richedit patches by Phil Krylov

Krzysztof Foltman kfoltman at
Mon Mar 14 12:31:25 CST 2005

 > ChangeLog:
 > Initial implementation of EM_STREAMOUT and RTF writer.

Nice to see this functionality implemented (I really didn't want to 
implement it myself). Very good code too. Thanks.

IMHO the patch can be applied without changes.

The new function ME_FindItemAtOffset isn't really necessary, you can 
achieve exactly the same thing with ME_RunOfsFromCharOfs (and I should 
have used it in ME_GetTextW instead of reimplementing the same 
functionality). I'm going to get rid of it later.

Now when both EM_STREAMIN and EM_STREAMOUT work, I can start 
implementing the rest of the clipboard code.

 > Added "generator" RTF destination handling.
 > Added missing PFA_JUSTIFY definition to richedit.h.

Thanks for the fixes, I really didn't know how to get rid of the 
\generator. Maybe it will help me figure out how to ignore the rest of 
the RTF junk that I can't use anyway (\pgdsctbl and others).


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